Maria João Bahia, creates a unique jewel with the collaboration of the brand followers

Maria João Bahia, creates a unique jewel with the collaboration of the brand followers

This atypical year, where social distance becomes the new normal, Maria João Bahia decided to approach a new concept and interact with the brand’s followers by creating a piece together, aiming to involve the followers as much as possible in all stages of creating a jewellery.

Throughout the year, Maria João Bahia´s social media had a series of questions and interactions with its followers, to develop together a ring. The questions where the following:

What kind of jewel – Ring or Earrings?
The style of the jewel – Modern or Classic?
What kind of gold – White or Yellow?
Which stones to have – Sapphire, Diamonds, Topaz, Rubies, Emerald?

We gathered the answers and the result was a modern yellow gold ring with rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. With great enthusiasm for this challenge, the designer Maria João Bahia designed a ring that reflected this history.

“The ring is made up of different sections that are connected together, as if it were a large network. Representing the connectivity that exists between all of us, being isolated at home doesn’t mean we can’t be present and connected.” – Maria João Bahia, designer

At the request of followers and friends, the precious stones are strategically embedded in the ring, so that all paths pass through one, symbolizing the unique moments that each one lives and keeps in their memories. In particular, the diamonds at the end of the line represent eternity, hope and light at the end of each tunnel.

The ring have a rough texture, symbol of the paths we take in our daily lives, which are not always smooth, but often troubled, always ending up in moments of great satisfaction and joy. The ring is very comfortable and makes the hand elegant and can be used at various times of the day.